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Birthday in New York

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Each year I try to do something special for my birthday and it always makes me feel so loved. One year my husband surprised me with a hot air balloon ride that was so beautiful that I sometimes tend to daydream about it. Another year I celebrated my 21st birthday in New York, it was an amazing experience because not only was it my very first time that I went to a beautiful city of that size but I was also turning 21 and could finally enter to a bar… lol. This year for my birthday I wanted to celebrate in NYC again as well because I wanted to explore the city a little bit more and also experience the very famous NYC nightlife. One of my best friends has been living in NYC for about three years and she always tells me how fun it is, she usually sends me photos of beautiful restaurants and bars. There’s this specific restaurant that I wanted to go to so bad for my birthday that is called Bagatelle, it’s meant for brunch but at three o’clock they close all the windows and voilà you get an amazing nightclub. At Bagatelle most people are enjoying some cocktails while listening to party music, others were ordering bottles that are brought by men dressed in different artistic costumes, others were having brunch, it was amazing. It was fun to experience that restaurant for my birthday, I will always recommend it to anyone that is celebrating pretty much anything in NYC. I also got to experience a very special place that I’ve been dying to go ever since I was young. We got to go to a three Michelin star restaurant that’s called Le Bernardin by the famous chef Eric Ripert. It was a one of a kind experience that will always be in my special memories.

Since I had all those plans already scheduled from a couple of months before I went, I knew I needed to have some good outfits beforehand. I knew that it was going to be very chilly compared to what winter feels like in San Diego. My friend told me that I needed to make sure I brought the warmest clothes I had. I decided to take my biggest and warmest black wool coat that I got in Rome last year to put it on top of everything. I planned out mostly my outfits for my birthday and for Le Bernardin. For brunch at Bagatelle I took this beautiful animal print dress that I bought at Topshop last minute that looks very casual but has this amazing opening in the leg.. For the night of my birthday at Le Bain which is a club at the top of The Standard I decided to use my dress from the collaboration of Jeremy Scott and H&M. For Le Bernardin I planned out to use some pants and a blouse set that I got from Topshop but at the end decided to change it for one of my favorite dresses that I got from Reformation. I thought that the set was way too informal for that restaurant and decided that the dress looked more put together yet being casual at the same time. For the rest of my outfits I just took anything that looked cozy and warm, I knew I was going to be comfy while being a tourist. I had the most amazing birthday ever and I feel so grateful that I got to experience all those beautiful places, I sure made a few one of a kind memories that I will always love and cherish.

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